Welcome -my extra large paper flowers .
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In a rush! Huge 15" - 22" - 32" below. Pricing & info below,
Weddings & all type parties.Paper flower backdrops,zinnia, magnolia,peony lily. Cardstock flowers for backdrops. Giant flowers below in stock - long stems with leaves and wired petals.Stems can be cut.They are not crepe paper flowers. pricing & info below.Will last for many years
Carol's 2018 Paper Flowers up to 32" wide flowers
Giant flower head prices 15" 22" 32"
wired petals  stems  with leaves
15" 6- flowers white 115.00 
22" 4-flowers white 132.00 
32" 2-flowers white 120.00 
or you can paint yourself Color chart
My whimsical hand painted here